Cato is a social network service where Catos can post Meows and get not so anonymous messages on their profiles.

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Effective: November 30, 2021 - Present

The Terms explain the terms of use which is a contract between you and Cato (“Cato”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) while using the Cato.

1. Acceptance

While using Cato you are agreeing to our Terms, Privacy and Cookie. If you disagree with it, you must not use Cato.

2. Ending Relationship

If you want to end your relationship with us for the following reasons:

You can deactivate your account anytime by going to the Settings of your account.

3. Use of Service

You're required to meet the following criteria to use our Services:

Age: You must be at least 13 years old to use Cato. If we found your age is under 13, you'll face the suspension of your account.

Laws of Your Country: You're responsible to follow the Laws of your Country while using Cato.

Unregistered Users: Unregistered users can view the posted content and post not so anonymous messages on Catos' profiles.

Registration: To use the features of Cato you are required to register an account with Cato. For registering an account, you need to provide your personal information, such as your name and email address. You agree to provide correct personal information. If you register an account by submitting incorrect personal information and later we found that would result in the suspension of your account.

Securing Email & Password: It's your responsibility to secure your email and password. Only the person who registers an account is allowed to access it. You shouldn't share your email and password with anyone.

4. Rules of Posting

The rules of posting are applied to all the registered/unregistered users of Cato. You'll be held responsible for the content you post. You need to follow the following rules while posting:

  • Do not share any post which you don't want others to see.
  • Bullying, scaring, harassing, embarrassing, or upsetting someone isn't allowed.
  • Provoking people isn't allowed such as trolling.
  • Use of harsh, rude, and offensive words isn't allowed.
  • Encouragement of harmful, illegal, dangerous, or self-harm activities isn't allowed.
  • Depiction of horrible things such as accidents, shocks, or disturbing things isn't allowed.
  • Sexually explicit, obscene, naked people, violent pictures/videos aren't allowed.
  • Threats of any kind to yourself or others aren't allowed.
  • Infringing the privacy rights of others isn't allowed.
  • Defaming or violating any third party's rights such as copyright, patent, intellectual property rights, trademark, privacy right, breach of confidence, publicity right, moral right, and trade secret isn't allowed.
  • Trying to sell anything or spamming others isn't allowed.
  • Any attempt to damage our Services through coding or similar isn't allowed.
  • The use of our Services utilizing bots, spiders, robots, or scrapers isn't allowed.
  • Pretending to be someone other than yourself isn't allowed.

5. Rights of Cato

We reserve the following rights:

  • We reserve a right to ban content posted by a user for any concerning reason without giving notice.
  • We reserve a right to disclose your information concerning legal issues or the safety of our users.

6. Modifying Terms

We make changes to our Terms from time to time. We will notify our users by sending an email about updated Terms if you continue to use our Services after updated Terms results as your agreement to the changes.

7. Rights of Intellectual Property

a) All rights related to including, without limitation, concept, invention, logo, design, theme, features, original and developed work of Cato are reserved.

b) The trademarks, slogans, logos, taglines, whether registered or unregistered displaying on our Services are Trademarks of Cato.

8. Copyright Infringement

We don't encourage our users to post the content of which they own no rights. However, if you find any content on our Services that infringes the copyright of the content, you can report the content by click the three dots button, and for further escalation, you can contact us by following the Contact section.

9. Limitation of Liability & Warranty Disclaimer

Our Services is provided to you on an "as is" basis with all faults, inaccuracies, errors, and omissions. The entire risk of loss in using our Services is assumed to be borne by users. We don't warrant the use of our Services in terms of completeness, accuracy, meeting your expectations, or otherwise. We aren't liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages including, but not limited to loss of profits, loss of savings, loss of business, loss of goodwill, or damages resulting from lost data or inability to use data. We don't assume any liability for any damages arising out of the use of our Services.

10. Contact

Feel free to contact us if you've any questions by following the Contact section.


Effective: November 30, 2021 - Present

The Privacy explains how Cato (“Cato”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) collects, uses, and shares your information.

Collection of Information

We collect users' information by following methods:

  1. When users submit information while signing up.
  2. When users post content using the features of our Services. We do collect users' IP addresses and user agents when they sign up/post content.
  3. Cato uses local storage to keep a user signed in unless the user signs out or clears the browser's cache. Check Cookie.

Use of Information

We don't sell or display the email addresses of our users. Email addresses are for signing up/in, sending activation links, and requesting new passwords.

Sharing of Information

The whole internet can see your profile and content. Your profile can appear in the search results of public search engines. Don't post content that you don't want others to see. We collect IP addresses and user agents of the users for the following purposes:

  • Better Service: We may use the collected IP addresses in features such as providing location-based feeds.
  • Safety: We concern about our users' safety. When a user interacts with another user using the feature "Not So Anonymous Messages" of our Services, we send the interacting user's IP address along with the message. If the interacted user finds any threat, bullying, or similar action in the message received and feels unsafe, the user can register a complaint at a nearer Police station.
  • Third Parties: We may use third party tools and services to analyze the interaction of users towards our Services. The third parties may collect and use your data. Our Privacy doesn't explain their use of data.

Your Rights of Modifying the Information

Registered users can change their account information by going to the Settings of their accounts.

Protection of Information

We put our best efforts into protecting your information from unauthorized use through implementing managerial, electronic, and physical procedures. We also recommend that you shouldn't share your personal information with anyone.

Privacy Policy Update

We make changes to our Privacy from time to time. We will notify our users by sending an email about updated Privacy if you continue to use our Services after updated Privacy results as your agreement to the changes.


You can contact us for the following reasons:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Inappropriate content
  • Policies
  • Support
  • News
  • Feedback/suggestions
  • Other

Email us at support at cato dot social.